Wet Bag

Attention beachers and boaters! This one was designed especially with you in mind. What to do with that wet bathing suit at the end of a long day out? Toss it in a Wet Bag! Lined with a waterproof fabric, Wet Bags are the perfect way to keep your wet items away from your dry ones. It's also great for mommies who are out and about and need to stash a messy outfit somewhere. Available in both Small and Large, they accommodate anything from a bikini to your man's board shorts.

Small (10" square) - $15
Large (17" square) - $20



Magchunk said...

Thanks for your nice comment on Magchunk today :) Don't you just want to kick spammers in the shins sometimes? Man.

And I love this little bag! We just tossed our wet swimsuits in the back of the car wrapped in towels, but the seats still got kind of damp. This would have been perfect!

mel said...


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