The Jill Workhorse Tote

Inspired by and specially designed for my uber hard working friend, Jill, the Workhorse Tote is designed to take you everywhere you need to go, while comfortably carrying everything you need. The fully reinforced straps are installed from the base of the bag, ensuring that even the heaviest load is secure. The organizational tools on the inside guarantee that you'll always find everything you need right at your fingertips. 2 extra large pockets are perfect for larger items, while 3 smaller pockets are specially made to hold your phone, a pen, and other small items. Best of all, the key clip puts an end to digging around in your bag looking for your keys! Did you ever think you would be able to find your keys in an instant? Now you can!

It's perfect for everyone and is ideal for so many uses, like a work tote, school bag, or even a modern diaper bag! And since it's fully customizable, you can tweak it to suit your needs.

It measures 14" wide, 17"high, 4"deep.


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